A Little Bit Of Sunshine

A little bit of sunshine – it’s so uplifting. And it makes me smile.

The snow has finally melted and I think, I hope, I pray… that Spring is finally here.

It was a very long winter –  this year was especially brutal.  So the Spring sunshine is oh so welcome.

The Seasons

One of the reasons I have always loved living in New England, is the changing of the seasons. I love each one. Each for a completely different reason.

“Spring passes and one remembers one’s innocence.
Summer passes and one remembers one’s exuberance.
Autumn passes and one remembers one’s reverence.
Winter passes and one remembers one’s perseverance.”
― Yoko Ono



Summer is for fun.  Long days at the beach with a good book. Well, to be honest – that hasn’t happened in 9 years! Kids have changed the way we spend our beach days! But I do remember how much I loved reading a great book on the beach, staying until the sun went down. My best friend, Amy, and I would often stay at the beach all day long, using our towels as blankets as the sun went down and it got chillier. Watching the sun set and listening to the ocean waves. I loved those days.

Admittedly, these days it’s usually a kiddie pool on a hot, hot day, which is fun too. Just in a different way. And margaritas in the evening… that hasn’t changed! Summer is the season of long days and the feel of freedom.



Fall is school starting, and the beginning of that wonderful, crisp feel to the air. Apple and pumpkin picking. Hayrides. Halloween. And the excitement of the upcoming holidays. It’s a magical time of year.



Winter is beautiful, but sometimes rough. The first couple of times it snows, it is nature at its most stunning. But then the snow turns brown (or yellow at our house – we have three dogs!). And it’s too cold to go anywhere. And we all start to feel like we are hibernating, just dreaming of a Springtime that seems to be taking forever to get here (damn you, groundhog!).  But I love skiing (sled riding and ice skating too), so winter does bring some fun activities. If you are brave enough to bundle up and get out in the cold, a lot of winter fun can be found.



Spring is simply the best. With everything blooming and turning green again, and the sun finally shining, it’s a time of renewal. It’s refreshing and invigorating. And simply breathtaking to watch the transformation of nature.

My kids and I were sitting out on the patio today and I told them to take a good look around the yard at all the bare winter trees and bushes. In a couple of short, miraculous weeks, it will all be green and lush and full of color. That is pretty amazing.

So we have persevered and gotten through another winter… this one was unusually cold. But with all the snow we had, we were able to ski often, which was great.



But now we are so ready for Spring. And today, we saw the first sign of Spring – the crocus’ are blooming. And I felt like a kid again, just soaking it all in. My kids played outside all day. They rode bikes, played basketball, swung on the tire swing, and ended the day, by rolling down a giant hill.  They are now covered in dirt and couldn’t be happier.

It’s no wonder a little sunshine makes me smile.

~Cindie xo


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