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The Dark Side of Slime

By now, you must have heard about the slime craze. It’s the past year’s trendiest hobby. Kids all over the world are making their own slime. Google “DIY Slime” and you will find slime recipes, tips, and videos. It’s also a huge topic on social media pages. There are literally thousands of Instagram “slime” accounts. Maybe more. Shop on Etsy, and you can actually buy slime other kids made. Like I said, it’s a huge craze.

I can see why. Slime is easy to make, and fun to play with.

The Simple Steps to Make Slime:

Mix Elmer’s Glue with Borax. Maybe throw in a little food coloring…  mix it up, and voila! You have SLIME.

There are varieties of slime too. Just add an extra ingredient, and you can also craft varieties like Butter Slime, Crunchy Slime, Floam Slime, Puffy Slime, Jiggly Slime, Glitter Slime…  the list is pretty much endless.

It’s stretchy, gooey, colorful, squishy, and well… just plain SLIMY. Sounds like fun, right?

Well… yes, it IS fun. But there is also a dark side to slime that moms don’t often talk about.

The Dark Side of Slime:

First, the MESS. Take a peek in your little ‘creator of slime’s’ “SLIME LAB”, and you will see exactly what I mean.

When you do, your feelings about this fun slime hobby will take a nosedive downhill. Saying it’s messy is like saying kittens are “sort of okay-looking”. Messy is a giant understatement. Sticky, gooey stuff gets dried up on every surface. Glue is spilled, left to dry & harden. And the floor… covered in goop. I’m pretty sure I let out a scream the first time I saw the mess.

My first concern was safety. So I researched and discovered that the basic ingredients are deemed “safe” by many pediatricians. Bummer… I was kind of hoping I’d have a good medical reason why I had to ban slime.

I have to admit I was slightly torn between my hatred for slime and the fact that it could be educational. Some see making slime as a “science experiment”, and “creative”, and hey, let’s face it, making slime is definitely much better than having my tween staring at an iPhone.

So I decided to let her continue with her slime-making quest, but I set some rules. My first rule was to limit the making of slime to one room in the house. Unfortunately, the only available location happened to be my home-office. Bad choice, because the very next day, I discovered slime had oozed off my desk and into my filing cabinet. It had oozed into my stapler. Oozed into my file of “bills to file” (okay, maybe that one wasn’t so bad). But still… oozing slime is bad.

Then… on my way out of my office, I stepped on a pile of raspberry, glitter, galaxy, floam slime and tracked it through the house.

That was officially a bad day.

I went to sleep and had slime-filled nightmares that night. The next morning, I decided that the slime would be limited to ONE TABLE in my office. I felt happy with my decision. I wasn’t stifling my kids’ creative spirit, just helping to keep it in one spot and limit the mess.

Well… that rule lasted for a week. The one table was demolished. Every nook & cranny of it was covered in slimy ooze.

Still, I was on the fence about saying no more slime.

UNTIL… that one day when my daughter begged me to bring just one small container of slime with her on a long car ride we were taking. I agreed. But the next day, when I discovered frozen slime, oozed into my car’s back door compartment. Scraping it out with a butter knife (and silently saying a lot of bad words)… I made the decision.


Officially banned. “Not in my house”, is what I yelled. Not.In.My.House.



#GoodbyeSlime #SorryNotSorry


















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5 Important New Year Resolutions For Moms

Tomorrow is the start of a new year. The perfect time to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Also, it’s a good time to choose resolutions for the upcoming year.

Don’t feel pressured. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that I am STILL working on my resolutions from last New Year’s Day! They are tough to stick with past January.

But this year I have a few resolutions you can and SHOULD stick with. These are specifically for moms.

They go beyond the traditional, “Eat Healthy”, “Lose Weight”, “Exercise More”. Here they are…




#1  Put on makeup that ISN’T applied by your 4-year-old.

Everyday. Even just for a trip to the supermarket. I’m not talking full Kardashian-sisters’ makeup, but just a touch of lip gloss, or mascara, can boost how you feel. When I slink out of my house in my pj’s, baseball hat to cover my bed head & maybe even without brushing my teeth (don’t judge – I know you have all done the same!)… I feel like a schlub. Even on my extra-tired days, if I put on a little makeup, even just a little eyeliner & lipstick; I feel almost human again. Those 2 minutes it takes you to apply it, are well worth it for your self-confidence!

#2  Become better at asking for help from the outside world.

This is a hard one. When I had my babies, I was convinced I could do it all myself. It was a matter of pride. Of feeling like I would be a failure if I asked for help. But I quickly discovered that no mother does it alone. Let me repeat that… no mother does it alone. It’s impossible. The smart ones learn to ask for help early. The prideful ones learn it a little later. Eventually, every mom realizes it truly does take a village. And that village is all around you, ready (and often eager) to help. Just ask them.

#3 Take a class.

Not a mommy & me class, but a class for you. Maybe an art class. A pottery class. A fitness class. There are so many options. Just do something for yourself. One hour a week of your own “ME” time, will do wonders for you. If you’re hesitant to take a new class alone, ask a fellow mom friend to join you!

#4  Plan more date nights.

As tough as a date night is to schedule (or to even care much about when you are so tired), they are important. It’s a chance for you & the hubby to reconnect. Go out & have a couple of drinks, laugh at the stupid stuff the kids do, reconnect with each other. You’ll remember why you liked each other in the first place. And let’s face it fellow-moms, most husbands aren’t planning date nights, so it’s up to you to take the reins and plan them.

#5 Yell less. Use the creepy quiet mom voice more often.

Kids become immune to their mom’s yelling & lectures. After a while, all your yelling will accomplish is to frustrate YOU. The kids stop hearing it. But use that quiet, calm, and slightly creepy sweet voice… and they will stop in their tracks. It’s a very useful tool. Remember to use it more often in the new year.


My BONUS resolution is:

Enjoy your children this year. It’s not always easy to do as a mom. Believe me, I understand! But soon they will be grown and you will miss these tough years with your little ones. So try hard to embrace yet another crazy year.









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Let’s Talk Superpowers

Superpowers. They’re a popular topic in my house these days. My 8-year-old is obsessed with superpowers. He changes his mind daily about which one he would choose to have if he could have just one.

I encourage my kids to dream about having superpowers, probably because I also dream of having powers of my own! It’s fun to envision how different life could be if we had superpowers.

I also say, why choose just one? Now that I’m a mom, I would choose several.

Let’s talk about what game changers these superpowers would be, for a parent!


The most useful has to be the power of TELEKINESIS.

Telekinesis is defined as using the mind to influence, manipulate, or move matter or objects.

Think about that for a minute! The ability to move things with your mind. Like your kids’ clothes OFF the floor and into the hamper. Or your kids’ legos off the floor and into a basket before you step on them and hurt your feet. How about just moving the dishes off the dinner table and into the dishwasher? Or even better, I’d use telekinesis to actually move my kids! When they argue, I would lift them up and move them away from each other. The possibilities are endless.

What about the power of SUPER HUMAN SPEED?

When your baby kicks his high chair and is about to fall, if you have super human speed, you can catch him in a split second. Or, your kids’ bus passes by your house without stopping. Sure you could yell, but the driver would never hear you. But with super human speed, you could actually catch up with the bus! Or say you are running 20 minutes late for your kid’s soccer practice. No worries. Super human speed will get you there in 10 minutes! There are some pretty cool uses for super human speed.


Atmokinesis is the ability to control the weather. Imagine being able to summon a snow day when you need a quiet day at home. Or to be able to stop the snow from coming, so the kids don’t end up with a snow day and drive you crazy. Every parent out there knows what I mean! If not, read about the Snow Day Cabin Fever we experienced. Back to Atmokinesis… it would also be useful when you have a beach day planned and the forecast calls for rain. You would be able to make sure the waves are just right, the sun is shining, and the water is the best temperature at the beach. Ultimately, you could make sure every day would be the perfect day. Not a bad superpower to have.


Another cool superpower would be the ability to FLY.

Flying is the superpower every kid dreams of having. From the moment they watch Wendy & her siblings take off into the night sky with Peter Pan, they are sold. As a parent, I think about h0w cool this superpower would be on long sports days. Why drive, if you could fly? Get from one town to the next much quicker! And to see the world from a bird’s eye view, would also be pretty cool. You could hover over your kids at recess, or at a playdate and make sure they are behaving!

Which superpower would you choose to have?


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Funny Parenthood Moment: College Student or Street Musician?


I love funny moments like these…  while on the verge of falling asleep, my son was doing some deep-deep thinking about his future. We’ve been explaining college to him, and why studying & doing well in school is so important. I guess he has a better idea. He came padding down the stairs to tell me he had decided something…



Honestly, he made me realize that kids actually have the best ideas. I’d much rather be a subway musician than the alternatives… I wonder how much money I could collect in my hat?


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5 Tips For Helping Your Kid Balance School and Sport


If anyone ever told you that raising a kid to be an educated, well-rounded person was easy, they lied to you. The fact is, it takes a lot of effort. It is the most challenging and most rewarding thing you will ever do.


Teaching your child to lead a balanced life means you have to live a balanced life. If you are always playing catch up, running late, and forgetting appointments you will not be very effective showing your child a different way. In this case, you can begin the journey together for a happier and easier life for both of you.


Here are 5 basic tips that will help you get started:


Teach your child to prepare a schedule.

Whether you do this on their phone, a wall calendar, or a monthly planner doesn’t matter. But find a way they can do easily then work with them. Show them where they should have allowed for something that they didn’t (like travel time to get to the big game). Show them how to rearrange things to make them work better. This is a skill everyone should develop.

Carve out study moments.

Keeping up with school, family, and sports is hard. Show your kid how to squeeze in minutes to go over assignments or study notes. They can review homework in the car or on the bus. They can read their assignments while waiting for a doctor’s appointment or while they have an after-school snack. Any mother who has ever cooked pasta while running the washer, dryer, and dishwasher understands multi-tasking. Teach your child to be proactive in finding study moments.

Do not use sports as a punishment.

When a child messes up, they may deserve punishment. But do not devalue their sports activities by making it something you hang over their heads. Sports are not just about them. It is about being a team. Working together with others. Learning how to handle victory and defeat gracefully. When you pull your child from practice because they got a C on their report card, you not only told him that his responsibilities were disposable, you also made him let his team down. This is not a life lesson you want to teach in this way.


Photo credit:

Do not give up family time.

Family time is not just important. Family time is critical. This is where you fit together as a unit. This is where love, support, strength, and ambition abides. Insist upon at least a small part of each week to be a family.

You might make it mandatory that every family member is home for Taco Tuesday. Maybe you will have Friday night treat night. You can set up a portable little candy buffet that you pull out once a week and surprise everyone with candy treats of various types. (They can even be sugar-free) Check here for more candy options.

Know when to say NO!

You are the parent. Your child needs a mature mind guiding and protecting him or her. If your child wants to take on more activities than she (or you) can handle, know when to say no.

For example, your child is in middle school. The academic load is heavier than it has ever been before. They are on the cheerleading squad and they help with the school news bulletin. They come to you and say they want to join the soccer team. This would be an appropriate time to say no. They already have a tight schedule and there is not enough time to comfortably squeeze in another activity. Explain why you are saying no. Explain they can consider this when their other activities are over, but not at this time.


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Creating The Perfect Holiday Card: Moments of Parenthood Chaos

Each year when the holidays roll around, life feels magical, and I feel like a kid again.

Thanksgiving is the official kick-off to our holiday season. The day after Thanksgiving… it’s game on. The house gets decorated. The tree put up and filled with ornaments. The stockings are hung. The pine-scented candles are lit.

But… as much as I love preparing for the holidays, it’s the smaller holiday moments that fill my heart each year.

Moments like taking my daughter to see The Nutcracker ballet. And enjoying our town’s annual Holiday Stroll. Also, taking the kids to NYC to see the Rockefeller Center tree, watch the Rockettes, and ice skate in Central Park. Those moments are cherished ones.

BUT, there is one annual holiday moment that I dread…   Capturing our holiday card PHOTO.

It is so much harder than it should be!

When our little family consisted of just me & my husband, our holiday card routine was simple: I bought pretty cards. I signed both our names. I mailed them. Easy.

Then everything changed: we adopted a dog.  So we had to announce to everyone that our family had grown. We decided that our new dog should be featured on our card that year. And featured she was!  With Christmas lights (yes, they were plugged in, because LED lights didn’t exist back then!). And yes, she was also wearing a Santa hat.  Poor girl. But look at how cute she looked.



That one photo took us a ridiculously long time to take. Looking back, I can’t believe I thought it was difficult with one dog.

Or difficult with just one baby (who arrived a year later).  Because when our second baby came, all hell broke loose when we attempted a holiday card photo shoot. I mean, chaos, times 1,000. Our toddler refused to sit next to a screaming baby.  So the baby screamed louder.  Then, the baby looked like we were beating him and so the photo shoot had to be postponed. Snack break for the kids. Beer & wine break for mom & dad.



They both look so happy, don’t they?

Fast forward an hour:  Both kids were finally calm again, and bonus, their holiday outfits were also still clean. So we put them in position, and our toddler suddenly said she needed food, “Mommy, I starving.” “MOOOOOOMMMMMMY!, I want to eat.” So we took another “time out”.

Fast forward 30 minutes: Mommy & Daddy had officially lost their minds. Photo-shoot over.


My husband and I decided that maybe we should take a little time between torture (I mean, photo) sessions.  So our photo shoot was postponed until the following weekend.

When it was time again, my husband and I cheered each other on, almost like we were planning a bank heist:

“You got this”

“You too…  You can do it”

“I’ll dangle the toys, you snap the photos, and I’ll get out of there FAST”

Then we chest-bumped, yelled, “GO”, and headed in to take the pictures.


FINALLY, we captured smiles!


Don’t be fooled by those smiles though. The little rugrats tortured us again. Those cute smiles were probably the 185th photo we took that day! But hey, we got our card photo!


That same chaos has occurred, pretty much every year since our family was born. In the years since, we’ve added 2 more dogs to the family, so it’s gotten even harder for everyone to sit still.

BUT… what has also happened is that we’ve learned to actually appreciate the chaos of holiday card photo shoots. We may even enjoy them a little.

Why? Because we realized that our kids are growing up way too fast, and someday we will miss these chaotic moments of parenthood! Our photo shoots are just another reminder to try to cherish all the precious moments, even the crazy ones!









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That Lightbulb Moment When….

Life is full of moments, big and small.


Here at Moments Big and Small, we celebrate and share all of life’s moments.

Today, we’re sharing a “lightbulb moment”. What’s a lightbulb moment? It’s when you say, “oh wow… how true”! Here is one of our favorites…


“Life isn’t perfect, but life IS full of perfect moments.”


Some days may be tougher than others and feel like they are far from perfect. They may be bad! But even those tough days have their perfect moments. It’s just a matter of recognizing them. Sometimes you have to search for them. If you do, you will find them.

So, today we’re reminding you to keep your eyes open for all those perfect moments, even if your day sucks! And if your day sucks, at least the weekend is almost here!  ♥



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Have You Decided What Your Legacy Looks Like?

I am sharing this story in hopes that it encourages you to think about what your legacy will look like. Will it be a legacy of kindness, like this gentleman? He touched thousands of people in his local community, without even realizing it. Simply by “disconnecting” and staying present when he walked the town. He was friendly, welcoming and always very kind.

And he will truly be missed.  Here is his story:



Michael Nardone Jr. remembers when his dad, Michael Nardone, first moved to Ridgefield in the spring of 1997.

A widower from Weston who had run his own consulting company since 1973, the senior Nardone instantly grew enchanted with his new community and began walking the town’s beautiful, idyllic streets, where he’d meet its generous residents — folks he greeted with a warm smile and welcome into his life as if they were part of his family.

“He walked every single day he lived in that town — 12 months, 365 days a year, for four to five hours a day. It didn’t matter if it was raining or if it was snowing,” Michael Nardone Jr. recalled last week about the man many here in town know as “the Ridgefield Walker.”

“He started on those big walks from almost day one, and they really changed him,” his son added. “Before he came to town, my father lived in a very white world. But in Ridgefield, he became friends with everyone, even the dishwashers and cooks who worked in town. He got to know their schedules and when they went on break, and he would speak to them in the back of the restaurants they worked at.

“He never did that stuff before he moved to town, so he clearly evolved as a person and found a lot of happiness through those interactions.”

Michael Nardone’s “walking journey” — the one that spanned two decades and more than tens of  thousands of miles in Ridgefield — ended in this past June when was diagnosed with stage three multiple myeloma, a form of cancer in which abnormal plasma cells build up in the bone marrow and form tumors in many bones of the body.

“He fell in the first week of June and that snowballed into a series of doctor’s visits and trips to the hospitals,” his son told The Press last week.

“He’s recently become very ill and has maybe a few weeks left to live, but wanted to thank everyone who has written him over the last several months.”

‘Bundles of cards’

It didn’t take long for residents to notice Nardone’s warm presence missing on Main Street this summer.

They began writing cards to the 87-year-old man whom they had come to know over the years, wishing him well and thanking him for all the support and friendliness he displayed with such ease.

“We would visit his home, to pick up his mail, and there they were — a few at first, then stacks, then bundles of cards, personally delivered. The cards just kept coming,” Nardone Jr. wrote in a thank-you letter to the community last week. “If people didn’t know where my father lived, they dropped a card at St. Mary’s Parish. If they knew someone who knew my father, they handed the cards to them.”

Nardone’s son said he and his three siblings — Greg, Keith and Beth — have “been humbled by this genuine act of community caring and kindness.”

“It’s helped us better understand that you can truly impact someone’s life just by being ‘present’ and actively listening, as you go about your day,” he said. “Imagine if my father walked with headphones, listening to music. He might have missed these beautiful connections. But he didn’t, he never would have.

“He’s lived his whole life being absolutely present and engaged with his family — through thick and thin — so, of course, he’d do the same for the Ridgefield community that he so loves and that has loved him back.”

“I want to personally thank you, on behalf of my father. Please know that he has read every card and note, and he is so thankful for each and every sentiment of support and encouragement. If he was able, he would have responded to all of you. Please accept this note as his personal thank you.”

Mike’s Legacy

Nardone Jr. said his dad wanted to remind everyone in Ridgefield to stay connected to the community, keep moving forward, and remain positive in attitude, “regardless of what life throws at you.”

“He just wants to thank the town because he’s going to pass really soon,” Nardone Jr. said.

“It’s humbling to see how kind a community can be,” he added. “You forget that sometimes, but there’s no doubt about it — this is a very special place and it changed my dad forever.”


Editor’s note: Michael Nardone died on Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 23, 2017) with his family by his side.  The Ridgefield community has planned a “Walk for Mike” that will start in front of the RVNA building on Governor Street Sunday, Dec. 3, at 9 a.m. 

R.I.P. Mike. We will all miss you. Thank you for teaching us about kindness.

You can read the original article in its entirety here.*

*Published by the Ridgefield Press on 11/28/17.





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My First Time Hosting Thanksgiving

The holidays are certainly full of moments, both big and small.

Full of fun, full of stress, full of warmth, full of too much food, too many desserts. Never too full of love though.  No matter how you spend the holidays, remember to embrace each moment.

A holiday moment I’ve learned to embrace is this one:



It was several years ago. My husband and I decided to host Thanksgiving at our new house, which we had recently purchased. We were newly married.  I was three months pregnant. Neither of us had ever cooked a turkey. Overall, not a good combo, but I was excited to give it a try. In the weeks leading up to it, however, I was worried about the fact that I was suffering horrible morning sickness and had trouble being anywhere near the smell of food. My husband told me he’d be there for me if I couldn’t stay in the kitchen. So I planned and prepared. I was nervous about taking on such a huge meal but I felt excited about the challenge.

BUT THEN… (and this is where a big moment occurred), two days before Thanksgiving my husband came home with a second turkey and said he wanted to try to smoke a turkey too. My first reaction was “That’s great – more turkey”.  My second reaction was “Why do we need more turkey when I already have a 25 lb turkey brining?”  And my third reaction was “You’re kidding me, right?  I’m pregnant, nauseous, throwing up, exhausted, my ankles are already swollen, and oh yeah, I have no idea how to cook one turkey, let alone TWO”.  I kept that all in my head though. Out loud, I said, “Okay, great…  but I may need some help in the kitchen.”  He said, “Honey, don’t worry. I can cook everything if you aren’t feeling good that day. I got it”.  Alright. What could I say?  I was a new wife, with a new challenge. I thought, “I can do this”.

UNTIL… Thanksgiving Day. I woke up and it was POURING RAIN.  Which meant the outdoor smoker needed to be watched.  Which meant, there stood my husband, with an umbrella over it. All morning. For hours!  Which meant I was left inside with the turkey, gravy, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, stuffing (two kinds), green beans, broccoli casserole… and don’t forget, I was feeling completely nauseous.  The only “plus” was that the desserts were already made.

BUT… It all worked out. HOW?  Because of the big & small moments throughout the day…


The entire meal was heading toward disaster, but my mother-in-law jumped in like a super-hero!  She helped us cook everything. I mean everything. There would have been no food on the Thanksgiving table that year if it wasn’t for her. Her experience and sense of calmness (and humor), were invaluable. Literally, she saved the day. Big moment.


My husband’s brother stood in the rain the entire day with him.  Yes, they had a lot of beer to keep them company, but still… I was happy my husband had some company out there.

My niece & nephews showed me what I had to look forward to… they behaved so well. They had patience, had fun… they showed me that my own children would make holidays even more fun.

Pre-ordering desserts from a local bakery…  SMART CHOICE!

The smoked turkey actually tasted even better than the big turkey. But please, don’t tell my husband I said that!

Try to embrace all the moments of the holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving!







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Just Another Ordinary Week

What’s an ordinary week in the life of a mom?

Mostly it’s boring.  Monotonous.  Mundane.  Same old same old.

Then there is a week like this one…

MONDAY:  Mom wakes up in the morning, to total darkness. She panics. What time is it & why is everything dark?  She discovers the power is out & it’s 9 AM.  CRAP!  That means both kids are late to school.  Frantic, she gets the kids out of bed, gets them dressed & out the door.  Kids are late & then mom is extra late to work.

TUESDAY: Son wakes his mom up saying his throat has a frog in it.  He says he wants to go to school though.  So he goes. Until 10 AM when the school nurse calls and says he needs to come home because he threw up. Son comes home sick as a dog, and mom loses another day of work. Plus gets thrown up on.

WEDNESDAY: Mom wakes up to son standing next to her bed saying his tummy hurts again, then he vomits on her & all over her bed.  This almost makes mom vomit too. She holds it together and calls in sick to work, strips the kid, throws him the tub, strips the bed & starts washing the sheets.  UNTIL… the washer starts making strange noises and stops. SHIT.

THURSDAY: The morning alarm buzzes. Mom hits “snooze” approximately 8 times. She is exhausted.  She finally got into bed late last night after the appliance repairman came & fixed the washing machine.  Just in time because everything smells like vomit.  Good news though: sick son feels better. But bad news: Tween daughter wakes up yelling that she’s done with school. She says she is smart enough and doesn’t need school anymore.  An hour-long argument ensues.  Mom spends way too long persuading her to get out of bed, brush her teeth, and get dressed. Mom doesn’t need this particular battle, after the week she’s had. Finally, Mom goes to work, but can’t stop thinking about her how much worse the tween hormone-filled years are going to get.

FRIDAY: The weekend is almost here. YES!  She gets out of bed & smells something bad.  She goes in search of that smell and discovers the dog is now sick, all over the bed, bathroom AND bedroom rugs.  The washing machine can’t take anymore vomit.  Mom can’t take anymore vomit. Mom yells (quite loudly), “WHEN WILL THIS WEEK BE OVER????”

SATURDAY:  Mom wakes up and thinks, “YES!  The week is over”. The house is quiet. Kids are still asleep. Dogs asleep. Peace at last.  Suddenly, a knock at the front door sends her running to answer it before anyone wakes up. It’s Fed-Ex (at 6:30 AM???)… they need a signature.  So she creeps out onto the front porch in her pj’s and slippers, trying not to make any noise that will wake up the zoo inside her house.  Success.  She signs it, says “Happy Weekend” to the nice Fed-Ex driver, and turns around to go back inside. NOOOOOOO!… the door is locked.

SUNDAY: Mom wishes for next week to be an actual boring, mundane, ordinary week…


Share your ordinary weeks with us!



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