5 Places To Avoid Taking Toddlers

Leaving the house with a toddler is a difficult task, only to be undertaken by the bravest of moms.

Pre-baby, mom could just grab her purse and head out the door.

Post-baby, juggling the amount of items needed for a simple trip to the grocery store with a toddler, rivals packing for agty_child_tantrum_nt_130124_wblog week-long vacation. Then comes the realization that a tantrum will likely ensue. Toddlers and meltdowns are synonymous. So even more items are packed to avoid the meltdown.

Going out with a toddler is a pain in the arse, to say the least.

Some excursions are worth the hassle. Others, not so much. Moms learn pretty quickly that it’s often easier to stay home than to make a trek with a toddler.

Of course staying home all the time would drive a lady stir-crazy, so getting out is a necessity for moms.

So DO go out. But choose your destination wisely. Some places should be avoided at all costs.



1) Public Restrooms – Most adults don’t want to go into a public restroom. Add a crawling, curious toddler, who touches everything and then puts their hands in their mouths, and YUCK.

The worst that can happen is they contract e-Coli. The best case scenario is they yell, “Mommy, I see your butt”, or “Mommy why don’t you sit on the toilet?” (yep, I hover, and yep, they have announced that to everyone in the bathroom).

So trust me, don’t bring your toddler into a public restroom. Instead purchase a portable potty for your car, like the one here. And don’t be afraid to teach them to pee in the great outdoors! That skill will come in handy.


2) Chuck E. Cheese – Or any similar kid-themed restaurant / indoor playground.

The number of disgusting germs found on each table at these places would blow your mind. Boogers, spit, poop, and pee.

If that’s not enough to convince you, the noise is deafening. All you will hear is screaming, crying and sugar-induced tantrums.

And let’s not forget – bad food. Restaurants and playgrounds should never be combined.

Trust me, stay away.


3) Home Goods, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel – Or any similar store that has too many glass and breakable items to count.

Kids hate these places because mom has to whisper (between gritted teeth), “DO NOT TOUCH A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G”, the entire time spent here.  Which makes the kids even more curious about what will happen if they accidentally knock over that pretty vase. Or kick the glass lamp. Or throw their snack cup at the candle holders.

Something ultimately gets broken and mom has to slink her way out of the store apologizing profusely to everyone.

So just don’t go. Shop on-line instead.


4) Anywhere quiet, such as a museum, art studio, lawyer’s office, movie theater (for a non-kid movie), upscale restaurant, etc.

Similar to the “Do not touch” rule, instructing a toddler to “Be quiet”, is like speaking a foreign language to most children. It’s an impossible concept for them. If you ask them to be quiet, they will inevitably get even louder.

So avoid any place that requires silence. The constant shushing ( “SSSHHHHHHHH!”) will do nothing except raising your own stress level. Not to mention you’ll start sweating when you realize others are staring at your very loud toddler.

It’s not worth it. Get a babysitter when you need to go somewhere not kid-friendly.


5) Family Portrait Studio –  Avoid it at all costs.

Instead head to your backyard and take some lovely candid photos in front of your Hydrangea bushes.

Until kids are old enough to fake that perfect “photo-ready smile”, portrait studios turn into a nightmare with mom and dad and photographer, all sweating profusely and jingling toys, yelling, “say cheese”, “look here”, “smile, dammit”.

The resulting photos will show what occurred during the photo shoot. A toddler who was getting yelled at with toys shaken in his face! So you’ll have a nice photo to take home of your child, red-faced and tear-filled eyes, looking miserable. Or you may have this….

Not to mention, the cost is ridiculous. They will convince you to purchase many copies, collages, framed too, all of the horrible photos. Trust me, you’ll buy them because it’s hard to say no to the photographer who looks like he just ran a marathon trying to get your kid to smile.

So avoid this torture. Instead find a pretty setting in your own backyard and click away.


Moms, don’t be discouraged. There are plenty of amazing places toddlers DO love to go. Places that will not induce panic and flop sweat on your part, and tantrums and meltdowns on theirs. 

So DO get out of the house with your toddlers. Just choose the destination wisely. For everything else, do it on-line.



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The Countdown To Summer Break

The musical melody of birds chirping woke me up this morning. Such a lovely, peaceful sound.

Just kidding, I’m a mom! I woke up with one dog licking my face, another licking my foot, and my two kids bouncing on top of me like a seesaw, chatting about summer break.

My older child was excitedly explaining the calendar to my younger one. She counted the days on her fingers, and said, “I’m so excited there are only 7 days until school is out for the summer!”

Those words caused squeals of delight. Both my kids jumped up and down, on my belly. “YAY”, they yelled. Endless days… at the beach, the pool, the park, camp, wherever. It doesn’t matter because wherever it is, it isn’t school.

“I can’t wait”, they screamed.



I clearly remember feeling that same excitement when I was a kid. I imagine most teachers have that same reaction too.

But now that I’m not a kid anymore, or a teacher, I don’t necessarily share the excitement.

School is out for summer, means something completely different to stay-at-home or work-from-home moms everywhere. What emotions did those words elicit from me?







Basically, “Oh Crap… I love my kids dearly, but what will I do with them all summer long?”

While I am partly joking, I am also partly serious! It’s tough to suddenly have togetherness all the time.

When the kiddos finally reach school age, most work-from-home, and stay-at-home moms have a busy daily routine.  Get the kids on the bus, and you are off and running for the day. My day is non-stop while they are at school.

Sometimes my husband questions what I do all day, which pisses me off. I am a freelance marketing manager, and writer. So that means from the minute the bus whisks my kids away, I spend 4-5 hours working. Which leaves 2 hours until the kids get home. Cue my frantic running around… laundry, empty the dishwasher, take out the garbage, pay bills, grocery shop, everything else shop… it’s honestly never-ending. And whatever I don’t get done is saved for the next day. It’s a vicious cycle!sleep

And after I scramble to get as much done as I can, and get home to meet the kids getting off the bus, the truly chaotic part of the day begins.

Sports practice, homework, dinner, reading, bath, bedtime. And don’t forget the hour of “Mommy, I’m not tired, I can’t fall asleep, I’m lonely”, until they FINALLY pass out.

Now, back to that annoying question – what do I actually do all day?  lol.

So what happens when summer comes and the kids are suddenly home all day?

Quick answer? Chaos.

Longer answer? Lots of chaos. Basically I envision refereeing daily sibling fights, while trying to get my work done, with the kids repeatedly telling me they are bored. I can just forget the chores. There won’t be time for those.

So after hearing the summer break countdown conversation this morning, I realized it’s time to plan. Okay, I’m a little late to plan, with only 7 days left of school, but, better late than never!

On my list of URGENT TO-DO’s:

1) Charge all the iPads in the house for the emergency “screen time, mommy needs to cook dinner” times.

2) Immediately host a training seminar for both my kids on how to independently work the TV remotes, as well as DVD players, Apple TV, and the microwave oven.

3) Find a teen to be the one to referee the fighting once in a while, (which means hire a “mother’s helper” to come to my house a few hours each week). Or many hours.

4) Buy a case of wine.

5) Lastly, a more serious idea: While I wouldn’t consider myself a “crafty”mom, I began putting together a board with fun summer activity ideas. When the kids are behaving, they will get rewarded by being able to pick an activity from the board. For instance, a trip to the local zoo, water park, or to the movies. I think this may actually be a good idea!

Please wish me luck. Check back with me in August and see how we did!




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Are You Really Wearing That T-Shirt In Public?

While waiting in line at Dunkin’ Donuts, my daughter pointed to the man in front of us. In a louder-than-needed voice which all kids love to use, when they should be whispering, she said…

MommyGot Ticks? Why would anyone ask that? Who’s got ticks? Do I have ticks? Do you have ticks?”  tshirt

The man in front of us, who obviously works at a tick spraying company, was wearing a t-shirt that actually said “Got Ticks?” I couldn’t help but laugh.

Some t-shirts are silly and cute. Others are just ridiculous.

As I shushed my daughter, I realized this fell into the ridiculous t-shirt category. But the poor guy probably had no choice about wearing it. I’m sure his boss laughed hilariously when he designed them for his employees. And I’m also sure it wasn’t the first time he had someone yell “GOT TICKS?” at him.

Still, I smiled and apologized. (Repeatedly saying sorry for the embarrassing, and often loud commentary that spews out of our kids’ mouths, is a mandatory job requirement for every mom).

But it did get me thinking about t-shirts people actually wear… in public. I’ve seen some crazy t-shirts, especially at places like Wal-Mart, The Dollar Store, and the DMV. It inspired me to gather some funny and ridiculous t-shirt pics I’ve spotted, simply to add a giggle to your day.

These pictures will also help you feel great about what you are wearing. I guarantee your outfit today is much more stylish than any of these!


TOP 10 “I Can’t Believe You Are Wearing That T-Shirt” Photos:

1). He does have a point…


2). Well, good for you. I’m not sure you need to share the news with everyone though…

phof265bvjyeypa3lipc - Version 2


3). Sadly, I’m starting to feel like this too…



4). Stay away from this guy…



5). Stay even farther away from this guy…


6). These couples must shop at the same store!





7).  I’m pretty sure the shirt is VERY, VERY old…

Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy


8). I love her confidence…



9). Yikes!



10). This one made me laugh. I promise you, I am not blogging while on the toilet!



Last but not least, this is one t-shirt I WILL be purchasing soon. In case I get lost, I want to be returned to the right location!



~Cindie xo



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A Mom’s Message To Daniel Tiger

Damn you Daniel Tiger.

Yes, you are cute.

Yes, you teach good lessons to my son.

And yes, I love you much more than SpongeBob.

But damn you for singing one song a hundred times in each episode. I end up with that song stuck in my head… all day long.

My son likes to watch Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood when he eats his breakfast, which is usually while I am busy getting the kids ready for school. But I hear it. Oh, I hear it. The same song, over and over. Bright and early each morning.

Then for the next 16 hours or so, I hum them. Over and over. And over and over.

Here is today’s catchy little ditty…

“There are potties everywhere
Potties for us to share
So if you gotta go, no matter where you are
There’s a potty not too far.

When you have to go potty
And go right away
Flush and Wash and be on your way”


You can listen to it on iTunes here if you want to drive yourself crazy today. I recommend you don’t!

Or if you see happen to see me at the grocery store today, I’ll be the one singing this as I shop.

I have one side note about this particular song: while I like that they are teaching to FLUSH and WASH (something my son, and sometimes my husband, both need a refresher course on!), I have one complaint about it – what about wiping?  They forgot that! Gross.

So to the very sweet and helpful Daniel Tiger,Fred_Rogers_and_Daniel_Tiger

While I love that you are so cute. And even better, I love that your series was inspired by the original “Mister Rogers Neighborhood”, and his very own Daniel Striped Tiger puppet. (I grew up watching Mister Rogers, and even had the honor of having Fred Rogers himself give my college commencement speech. I loved him).

I would like to formerly request that maybe you sing the jingle, oh, say 50 times in each episode, instead of 100!

Thanks Daniel!

~ Cindie xo


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“OMG, That’s Like So Last Year!”


My kids and I were driving to visit family this weekend when I saw a sign that said “Giant Tag Sale Today”. I love a good tag sale. Whatever you call it… garage sale, yard sale, lawn sale, estate sale (I know, those are slightly creepy), rummage sale, moving sale, or flea market. Tag-SaleOther people’s junk may be my next great treasure! I love browsing at them.

So I asked my kids if they wanted to take a detour and stop at that giant tag sale. Not surprisingly they haven’t yet discovered my love for rummaging, and they both quickly yelled “NO!”

Then my daughter said, and I am quoting…


“Tag sales are like SO last year! Nowadays if you want to sell something, just post it on Facebook”.


She’s eight years old!

“SO last year”?

I had a good laugh. Then I wondered where my little not-yet tween, has learned lingo like “SO last year”? Teen Nick? Victorious? Jessie? Dog With A Blog? (yes, that is actually a show!).

She’s right, by the way. I buy and sell lots of stuff on my local Facebook Tag Sales pages. It’s awesome! You can browse on the comfort of your couch. So, not only is she a sassy 8-year-old, she’s pretty smart too.

Bigger than that funny moment though, is that I realized that she is growing up faster than I thought possible. I know if I blink, she will be heading to her prom tomorrow. But I want her to stay young for longer. I’d still have her in pig-tails and lady-bug dresses, if I could! But I know that’s not realistic. Time flies and there’s nothing I can do to slow it down. Instead I can just try to notice and treasure each moment as they happen. And laugh-out-loud about them.

Oh, and did I mention she just got her first pair of dangly earrings? And she asked me today if she could color her hair PINK with Kool-Aid.

Yep, I’m in trouble!

~Cindie xo


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Recovering From A Day Of Daddy Being In Charge

The day after Mother’s Day is sort of like New Year’s Day in my house. It’s a day to recover. Why? Daddy was in charge for the day.

All in all, I had a fabulous Mother’s Day. I am extremely grateful I was able to sleep in, and thanks to this “Do Not Disturb” sign, no one bothered me.


My special “Do Not Disturb” sign



The Monster

Eventually, a little monster, who clearly can’t read, crashed through the door, tackled me and woke me up. Doggie kisses weren’t a bad way to be awoken though.

I was then greeted with a delicious cup of tea, made with love, by my cute 8-year-old daughter. Served to me in bed!

She told me she knows I like things “sweet”, so she added 9 teaspoons of sugars. She was so proud she made it on her own, the look on her face was priceless. So yes, I drank it. And I told her it was delicious. And no, I didn’t secretly pour some down the toilet. I would never do that.

I was also treated to DELICIOUS mixed berry, mascarpone crepes that my husband and kids made from scratch. They were AMAZING.




The day was fun. The weather was gorgeous. I played with the kids outside most of the day. Snuggling in the hammock was probably my favorite part.

Anytime the kids started to argue, I gave them a little mommy guilt and said, “Don’t make mommy mad on Mother’s Day!” And for the most part, they listened.


Throughout the day, I was told repeatedly not to do any cleaning. “No chores for Mommy on Mother’s Day.” So I didn’t.

Big mistake!

My house now looks like we had a frat party over the weekend.

I’m currently scrubbing dried blueberry syrup off the walls. The counters are sticky. The floors have muddy dog prints. The kids’ clothes, socks, and undies, are strewn in a trail down the hallway. Half-filled juice cups are all over the house. Crumbs everywhere. I’m not sure anyone flushed the toilets yesterday either.

I should probably confess now that I a mom who likes things clean. And in some sort of order. Don’t confuse that with me “liking” to clean, or “enjoying” cleaning the house. Because I don’t! At all! But I do like the house to be neat.

So as you can guess, the day-after dilemma drove me crazy in past years. Is getting one day off, really worth having to deal with the mess the next day?

I have to admit that for a couple of years, I didn’t think so. A couple of those years, I woke up on Mother’s Day Monday, grumbling about me being the only one who cleans, while I scrubbed the mess.

And one year, I even decided to ignore the “Don’t do chores today Mommy” advice, and I just kept right on doing all the cleaning, on Mother’s Day. But that sucked because I lost out on spending the whole day with my love bugs that year.

Arguing with my husband about it, does no good. I have accepted the fact that he is just a messy guy. I am not sure he even notices the mess. But he does cook a mean crepe! So I’ve realized it’s a tradeoff.

And I have learned to embrace the mess a little more. I have realized those precious moments with my little ones are much more important than cleaning. If I had spent time straightening up yesterday, I would’ve missed the snuggle time on the hammock. And our campfire with smores.

FullSizeRender 18

But now if you’ll excuse me, I have dishes to do. LOL.

~Cindie xo


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Whose Story Is It Anyway?


Several years ago, a strange thing happened to my husband and me. We took an uneventful hike in a nearby park. After our hike, we decided to take a short-cut along a street, to get to our car. As we walked, I noticed a dollar bill floating down the street. I picked it up, and it was then that we noticed more money blowing down the sidewalk. A lot more money… $10, then $20. Then more. So we chased the money and picked it all up. We must have looked ridiculous chasing money blowing down the street!

Having worked in television, my first thought was that we were on a hidden camera show, or Punk’d! But we looked around and we were alone. No cameras hiding in the woods. No people around.

My second thought was, where the heck did this money come from? There were no houses nearby. No cars. No people. No wallet, no backpack. Nothing except money blowing around. Strange.

My third thought was, let’s count it! It turned out to be $385! Crazy. So what did we do?…

Sorry! This is where I am going to pause my story. I am not going to tell you what we did with that money. I think I’ll let that remain a mystery. Or save it for another post.

The real reason of this post, isn’t that we found money. So what is it about?


AMY’S STORY:rVvIisyfQwOhZv35PPhh_unsplash

Fast forward 15 years. One crisp, autumn morning, my friend Amy and I met for a walk on a nearby hiking trail. Amy and I have been best friends since way back when they called middle school, “junior high”. If you are too young to remember that, don’t tell me!  Suffice it to say that we met a long time ago!

This particular fall day, we were walking and chatting about life, kids, and probably what TV show was on the night before.

Something about being on the hike or the crispness of the air must have triggered a memory for Amy.  Because all of sudden, she said to me, “Do you remember that time Dan and I (Dan is her husband), found money blowing down the street? That was awesome”.

She continued, “we were taking a hike, like this, and we found a lot of money. I remember single dollars, and twenty-dollar bills too. And no one was around.” She added, “did I ever tell you about that?”

For a minute, I thought she was kidding. But she was serious. Then I wondered if it had happened to her too? That would be odd. The same story? I told her that she never told me about that.

And I asked her for more details.  And she proceeded to tell me MY DETAILS!  MY STORY!

I said, “I think you’re thinking of my story”. “No”, she said, “I clearly remember it”.

By this time, I was laughing. Could she really have mixed up our stories? But she was adamant that it had happened to her. So I had her call her husband and ask him. Sure enough, he had no idea what she was talking about. It didn’t happen to her, it happened to me! I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that we were both laughing pretty hard by then.

The whole thing is pretty funny and amazing too. That after all these years of friendship, and all these years that we have shared our feelings, secrets, events… shared our lives with each other, that we have gotten to the point of forgetting whose story is whose!

A sign of old age? Maybe.

A sign of a great friendship? Definitely!

Something we still laugh about? You bet your ass we do!

I like to remind Amy about it every once in a while because I am pretty sure that one day, I will be the one to say “Hey Amy, do you remember that time that I…?  And I will recount one of her stories, that I think happened to me!

~Cindie xo


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How Cinco De Mayo Celebrations Have Changed With Parenthood




Lots of things change when you become a mom.

Celebrations involving alcohol for instance. For many years, I celebrated each Cinco De Mayo, with a group of friends, on an outdoor patio of a fun Mexican restaurant/bar in New York City.

Happy hour always started extra early on Cinco de Mayo. Never-ending baskets of  chips, salsa and guacamole, several margaritas, and maybe a sombrero or two, filled the evening.

The night usually ended with a tipsy walk home to my apartment, with everyone singing “Olé”!


Today, the kids and I will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo, slightly differently!

The big event? Tacos for dinner! Cue the applause. I know, I know, can you stand the excitement?


But don’t worry, I would never forget the guacamole. I could eat guacamole everyday.

And I may get crazy and have one yummy margarita too (as embarrassed as I am to admit it, it will be a Skinny Girl Margarita. Hey, don’t judge!).

So no tipsy walk home this evening, but I will still make sure we all yell -“Olé”!

Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone!

~Cindie xo

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Things Kids Love to Say Over and Over (and Over and Over Again)

Kids are creatures of habit. I am sure there are many reasons behind the psychology of why they repeat the same things over and over, but it can be exhausting for parents. Some days, I feel like my life is the movie Groundhog Day (I know you remember it, with Bill Murray, where the day repeats… over and over and over).

Yep, Groundhog Day. Welcome to parenthood.


Some of my kids’ favorite things to say to me…

“Are we there yet?”

You know you’ve all heard this in the car. Anytime and every time you drive ANYWHERE. We can be taking a long trip, or a 10 minute drive and I swear I hear it within the first two minutes of getting into the car. And if it’s a long car ride, I hear it about 100 more times. “It’s so sweet that kids are so excited to get to their next location with such enthusiasm”- SAID NO PARENT DRIVING A CAR EVER!

Watch this video


Another favorite of mine…

“Watch me, Mommy. Look. Watch this. Look at me. Look, look, look.”

What is the fascination with kids NEEDING you to watch everything they do? I understand they are proud of what they can do, and their little brains crave validation. But for a mom who is juggling 10 things at once, it’s VERY hard to constantly stare at your child when they are…

a). Twisting a string into the shape of… uh… what is that?… nothing. Ok, “Oooh, awesome”, I say. And I stand and watch.

Or when they…

b). Show me how they can pet the dog -“Look, mommy, watch me, watch… LOOK!” And then they pat the dog’s head. lol.

Or my favorite one occurred this morning…

c). I was making breakfast, packing school lunches, emptying the dishwasher, and doing five other things, all under the pressure of “20 minutes until the bus comes”, when my son NEEDED me to watch him jump on one leg. For about 3 straight minutes. I kept waiting for some other amazing circus trick to happen, but no, it was just the jumping I had to watch.

I try really hard to boost their self-esteem, and to be nice about it, each and every time. I “ooh” and “ahhh”, but as all moms know, it is a HUGE exercise in patience. Patience I don’t always have. Patience I often dig deep to find. And if I’m honest, sometimes, I don’t find that much-needed patience.

But I do my best to “look” and “watch”. Then I go back to juggling!


A bedtime favorite of mine…

“Read me a book. Read me a book. Read me a book.”

Every single night at bedtime, my son chants “READ-ME-A-BOOK”. I read one or two books every night as part of our bedtime ritual. I am a huge reader, and have always encouraged my kids to love reading as much as I do. But it’s getting harder for me these days. It’s because we are in the “middle stage”. I’ll explain.

The beginning stage is great – it’s baby and toddler age. I loved to snuggle with them and read. The books were short and sweet, and I could skip pages without them knowing (you all know you’ve done that!).

The last stage is when they start reading on their own, and its fabulous. They find their own love of reading and excitedly re-tell the story.

Both the beginning, and the last stages are great. But the middle stage stinks. Honestly, how many times can I read 61s4LhSEjeL“Thomas’ Blue Mountain Mystery”? Or “Thomas: Day of the Diesel”? Or “Thomas is Stuck in the Mud”?  (I will admit I actually like “The Cranky Day”. It makes me feel better if I am having a bad day too!)

But you get the idea. The same books over and over. If it were up to my son, I’d read them all day, everyday. He has hundreds of books, literally. But he always picks the same couple of Thomas books. With an occasional Curious George thrown in. While I love both of those cuties (Thomas and George), I have gotten just a wee bit sick of them!

When my oldest child, my daughter, was in this 9780307976765middle stage, and constantly asked me to read her Barbie books, and Rainbow Magic books (about fairies), I almost lost my mind. Go read one, you’ll see what I mean. They are awful. When she learned to read on her own, I was thrilled. And I’m enjoying her books these days, and we often read together (I’m reliving my childhood with Judy Blume books again).

But oh, that stage in the middle when they want me to read TERRIBLE books… it just sucks.

So right now, the “READ ME A BOOK” chant usually makes me want to run away…


And lastly, I hear this way too often…

“Please, just one piece of candy. Please. Oh Please.”

Thanks to every well-meaning relative who regularly give my kids candy at every holiday. Yes, that would be all of the holidays and all of the relatives. Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and then they get more at their friends’ birthday parties.pile-of-candy

We end up with bags of candy, that they hoard. I actually keep them stored in a cabinet and they have to ask me for some. Otherwise, they’d definitely eat it all at once! But they are at the ages where they have categorized and counted, and re-counted, each piece of candy. They have even written their names on their own. So they know what they have. And they ask me for it daily. Or 10 times a day. Sometimes 100 times a day.

My son has figured me out. When he wants something really bad, he tells me that if I give him just one piece of candy, he’ll do anything I want him to. He told me yesterday that he’d wash all the laundry and even fold it and put it away!  That’s a good little man-in-training. And he certainly knows the way to my heart! Do some chores for me, and you’re in.

By the way, while it was a nice offer, it didn’t work. He’s five years old, so I realized that him doing the laundry would last a total of three minutes – not long enough for him to score the candy before breakfast.

So he went right back to asking – “Please, just one piece, please, please, please??????”


Someday, I will be proud of their determination and persistence. Until then though, like most of my mommy friends, I may be slowly losing my mind… one “Are We There Yet” at a time.

~Cindie xo


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Kids Fall Asleep In The Funniest Places

Kids fall asleep in the funniest places. And often in hilarious positions. They get to the point of exhaustion and just collapse wherever they are. My kids are no exception.

I’ve gathered some of my favorite photos of my children asleep in funny spots. Yes, I take pictures! Usually the hubby and I have a good chuckle, and then I say, “Don’t move them until I get my camera”!

Every mom I know will agree that there is nothing cuter than a sleeping child.

Ahhhh, silence!





















Sweet Dreams.

~Cindie xo


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