It’s Official – 30 Days Until Springs Arrives – WHOOO-HOO!

It’s been a ROUGH winter in New England this year.  We’ve had had so much snow and unusually frigid temps.

I woke up to this lovely forecast this morning…



While all the snow can be pretty…

Beautiful snow covered Main Street

Beautiful snow covered Main Street

Snow covered country road


And we’ve all had a lot of fun playing in the snow… skiing, sled riding, building snow-dudes…

Snow Fun

Snow Fun


Most people (and by “most”, I mean me and EVERYONE I know)…  are ready for this winter to be OVER.


“Calgon, take me away”


We’re even willing to give our snow away!


Well, Mr. Snowman…

I have the happiest news ever –  ONLY 30 DAYS UNTIL SPRING ARRIVES!

Did I say “WHOOO HOO!”?  Ok, I’ll say it again – “WHOOO HOO!”


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