Maternity Leave Is Not a Vacation



Everything about this ridiculous book makes me want to scream.

She says, “After 10 years of working in a job where I was always on deadline, I couldn’t help but feel envious when parents on staff left the office at 6 p.m. to tend to their children, while it was assumed co-workers without kids would stay behind to pick up the slack.”

That’s Bulls#&t!

I had a 15-year career in the television industry and I either had to continue working my regular 60-70 hours a week after I had kids, or choose to give up my career. Those were my two choices. No one was “okay” with me leaving at 6pm just because I became a mom. So I abandoned my hard-earned career because when confronted with the choice between career and my baby, my baby won.  And my career was done.

As a mother, I can’t understand how this woman can tell the world that when women have babies, they get a “vacation” to take care of their babies.  They get “ME TIME”.  That’s a laugh.  It’s completely NOT true.

Motherhood is not a break.  It’s not “ME TIME”. It’s the complete opposite.  Everything during those first few months, is blindly focused on the baby you gave birth to.  “Me” is an after-thought.  “Me” is neglected.  “Me” is forgotten.

Not to mention that motherhood F#@ks up careers, and it’s the farthest thing from a vacation you can imagine.

But yet this author has decided she is entitled to “Me-ternity”, like our “Ma-ternity”.  To take care of herself.  Alone.

Moms dream of having 5 minutes ALONE!  She is clueless.  And the idea of “ME-ternity” is beyond ridiculous.

So… I’ve decided that her punishment for writing this book should be that she needs to actually take MATERNITY LEAVE and to take care of a baby for that entire time. No sleep, no showers, no pee’ing alone, no pooping alone, no doing anything alone. And certainly no “ME-TIME”.

What do you think?  I am sure that she’ll be singing a different tune after that.

And I think she’ll owe a lot of hard-working moms an apology!



Read about her here – http://nypost.com/2016/04/28/i-want-all-the-perks-of-maternity-leave-without-having-any-kids/

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