MOM HAIR – It’s Not The Prettiest

The Evolution of My Hair:


New Haven, CT – Circa 1980’s

Throughout my teens and 20’s, my hair was my favorite accessory.  I styled it for hours on end.  Crimped and spiral-curled to perfection.  Then well sprayed with Aqua Net, for a night out.  Can you tell I grew up in the `80’s?   My big hair was a thing of beauty.

Then I had kids.

And my brown turned to gray.  Nicely styled, turned messy.  And it’s been up in a ponytail ever since.  Or tucked under a baseball hat.

Once in a while, I try to blow-dry it like my hairdresser does and actually have pretty hair again… if just for a day  But those times are few and far between.  Usually, it’s just a pony-tail.  It’s the best I can do these days.

And although I love them a lot, I blame my kids for giving me MOM HAIR.

Because believe it or not, sometimes, I actually miss my big hair.







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