Moments In Life: The Big And Small Ones

I named my blog “MOMENTS BIG AND SMALL” because that’s what life is all about… moments. Some are big, some are small. But each one matters. Each one counts. Some are absolutely forgettable. Others are ingrained in my heart and soul forever.

I used to think the Big moments were the important ones. I have had several big moments… Graduating high school. Graduating college. Getting engaged. Getting married. Getting offered my first job in TV. The day each of my babies was born.

Those big moments shape us, they define us…  I am a college graduate. I am married. I am a mom.

But the older I have gotten, the more important I have realized the Small moments are actually bigger.



The small moments are endless…

That moment when I caught my daughter, no longer arguing with her younger brother, but patiently teaching him something only a big sister can teach.

The moment I sit down on the couch, exhausted after a long day, and my dog races to me, hops on the couch and snuggles with me. Laying across my lap and promptly falling asleep.

That moment I made a first cup of tea for my daughter. She sipped it, and said, “it’s delicious”. It was made just how I like it. Just like my mom made it for me, forty years ago. At that moment, I realized that my mom, through me, has passed a love of something, as simple as a good cup of tea, on to my daughter. Yep, that was a small, but pretty special moment.

The moment I was at a school assembly to see my son perform a poem, and he stood on the stage and he waved and yelled, “HI MOMMY!  LOOK, MY MOMMY IS HERE!”.  That was a small, but oh so sweet moment.

Yes, the BIG moments are big. And those small, but spectacular moments can be fleeting and easy to miss, but they are truly endless. And truly amazing.

Just remember to keep your eyes open so you notice them.




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