My Love of Antique and Rustic Decor

My in-laws own a beautiful farm in upstate New York.  It’s where my husband and I got married.

It was a lovely, outdoor wedding, attended by family, just a few close friends, and two friendly cows.cows

Before we got married, we visited the family farm often.  I lived and worked in New York City, which was fast-paced and fun.  Escaping to the farm was a nice break from that lifestyle.  It was a beautiful spot to relax for the weekend, lay in a hammock, help garden and ride quads.  And my husband’s parents’ favorite farm activity was and still is “whiskey sour happy hour”, on the gazebo while enjoying views of the Delaware River and surrounding mountains.  Who can say no to that?

After we had been dating for a little while, my soon-to-be husband and I moved in together.  Like most new couples, we started decorating – together.  I really love decorating.  I like to take time choosing new pieces to add.  And surprisingly, he was very interested in it too.  So together, we spent time searching for a home style we both liked.  Luckily we discovered that we have very similar tastes.  I’m glad about that.  I would hate to argue over home decor.   There are enough other things for couples to argue about!

While we were in the midst of decorating our first home together, we visited the farm often.  We spent a lot of our weekends visiting local estate auctions, farm auctions, farm “garage sales”, and flea markets.  It turned into a fun weekend activity for us.  We soon discovered that we were both drawn to anything and everything rustic.  Farm antiques too.  While I don’t like to decorate entirely in rustic, farm style, it does make up a good majority of my decor.  But I like to add some clean, new lines, in with the old as well.

I thought I’d share some of our favorite rustic pieces and finds…









We have used this table in so many different ways – it’s been an entry hall table, a desk, and now it’s just a charming window table.






Another fun find was this antique hutch.  It had been a display shelf in an old pharmacy in Vermont.  I really love it.






My husband has also started to dabble in making some of his own creations.  He started because we spent some time searching around for a rustic, round coffee table for our living room.  We couldn’t find one we loved, so he decided to try to make one.  This was the result.  He built it from hickory wood beams, salvaged from a 200-year-old barn in Pennsylvania farm country.





Pretty good for a first attempt at furniture making!  Hickory has now become a favorite of his to use – look at the character found in hickory wood pieces.  I love this look.





We’re also starting to make some fun creations with wooden pallets…  I’ll add some pictures of those soon.


And now, 10 years after we got married on that beautiful farm, we own our very own charming farmhouse.  It’s near by NYC, but just far enough outside of the bright lights of the big city, that we can have our own whisky sour happy hours on our patio.  No horses or cows, but rumor has it that it was once an apple farm.  So our style and decor fits in perfectly here.



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