Raising An Animal Lover


My beautiful daughter recently turned 9. For her birthday she asked her friends, that in lieu of birthday presents, they instead make a donation to her favorite animal rescue organization. It’s a rescue where I volunteer weekly, and as a family, we also foster homeless kittens for them. So it’s near and dear to our hearts. In case you haven’t guessed, we are a family of animal lovers!

We are very proud of her for deciding to do this all on her own. She told me, “I don’t need gifts, but the animals need a lot”. For her to be so self-less at nine years old, makes me so proud.

Her friends’ families loved the idea as well. So with the generosity of her friends (as well as a very generous great-uncle), she ended up raising $235.00 for ROAR (Ridgefield Operation for Animal Rescue)!

She had the opportunity to present the donation to the Director of ROAR. The money is going to help take care of many dogs and cats. The staff and volunteers repeatedly told me how awesome she is. And I couldn’t agree more!

I’m very proud to be raising a young lady who cares about others, and who is also an animal lover.

This very proud momma wanted to share the story, and a few pictures from donation day…






Snuggling Oliver




Saying hello to a curious puppy

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