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Snow Day Cabin Fever

It’s snowing again.  How pretty.  (I hope you read that with a lot of sarcasm).

The Northeast has gotten more than it’s fair share of snow this winter.  The falling snow is beautiful in December, but by this point in the winter, everyone is ready for the snow to stop.  We’ve had at least eight school snow days this year.  The first couple were fun.  After that, not so much.

Yesterday was a snow day.  And today, you guessed it – ANOTHER SNOW DAY!  So school has been closed for 2 days in a row.  Every mom out there knows what this means.

Kids with cabin fever.

Mom with cabin fever.

Dogs with cabin fever.


Cabin fever is boredom mixed with bickering kids (fighting about ridiculously silly things), three barking dogs (barking in unison every time a plow goes by our house), and too much Valentine’s Day candy left over.  Add it all together and it equals cabin fever chaos (and a crabby mom).

Cabin fever chaos started early this morning in our house. Our biggest dog, Sadie, is 11 years old, and queen of the house.  She has a bad habit of eating everything.  And I mean everything.  She woke me up this morning with the gagging and heaving noises every dog parent knows all too well.  Apparently she ate a bar of bath soap (I figured this out since it’s missing!).  She then proceeded to throw up soap bubbles.  Everywhere.  At least it was Dove Pistachio Pomegranate bubbles.  They smelled nice.  But it’s not a fun way to wake up.

After cleaning up the bubbles, I got back in bed and tried my hardest to go back to sleep, but my 5 year-old son did his favorite “wake up mommy” routine, of pulling my eyelids open.  I refused to budge.  Even while he repeatedly said “mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, wake up, mommy, mommy, wake up mommy…”  I pretended to be asleep, even snoring a little.  UNTIL… I heard his iPad clicking.  The little %@*%&er, was actually taking pictures of me sleeping.  That’s when the crabby mommy part started.

The day did get better though.  I had a great big chuckle when my 8-year-old daughter decided to get “fancy” and put on my lipstick.  But she missed her mouth.  By a lot.  And two bigger “oops” –  it’s bright red, and it’s 24 hour long-wearing lipstick.  Meaning, it doesn’t come off.  And it’s BRIGHT RED.  And it’s all around her lips!  The meltdown that ensued when she realized she may have to go to school like that tomorrow, was very entertaining.  I reassured her that she may get lucky and we’ll have another snow day, and then only her family would see her clown lips.  She didn’t think that was very funny.  But it made this crabby mommy laugh.

So here we are… the snow day is almost over.  We are all still wearing our pj’s (one with very fancy lips).  We have watched WAY too much Thomas and Curious George.  And we’ve eaten too much heart-shaped candy.  But for the moment, the dogs are finally napping, the kids stopped fighting, and we are all dreaming of spring.  And this mommy is momentarily not so crabby.



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