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Is “Guarding The Bathroom Door” A Chore Worthy Of Payment?

I had a rare moment of privacy in the bathroom this morning. Rare because I was alone in a bathroom, for the first time in probably 9 years. Between the kids, the dogs, the cat, and the husband… I am never alone. My peace and quiet lasted only a minute though, interrupted by an urgent banging on the door. I said, “Yes? What’s the emergency?” It was my son. He yelled that I owe him $1. One dollar, huh? “For… { read more }

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Recovering From A Day Of Daddy Being In Charge

The day after Mother’s Day is sort of like New Year’s Day in my house. It’s a day to recover. Why? Daddy was in charge for the day. All in all, I had a fabulous Mother’s Day. I am extremely grateful I was able to sleep in, and thanks to this “Do Not Disturb” sign, no one bothered me. . Eventually, a little monster, who clearly can’t read, crashed through the door, tackled me and woke me up. Doggie kisses weren’t… { read more }

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The Art of Juggling Daily Life: A Mom’s Multi-Tasking Dilemma

I’ve always been a multi-tasker. I think most women are naturally good at juggling. Most of my “pre-mommy life” jobs required I oversee several projects at once. And I was great at it. When my babies were born, I think I truly mastered the art of it. Breast-feeding a baby, while doing laundry, for instance. Not an easy task, but I did it like a pro. As my kids got older, I added more balls to my juggling act. With… { read more }

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