The True Meaning Of The Holidays

Happy Hannukah, Merry Christmas, Joyous Kwanza… However you celebrate the holidays, I wish you the happiest holiday with your family and friends!

I remember one holiday season, a very long time ago. I was driving out of the local mall’s parking lot on December 23rd.  Yes, too late to worry about shopping. I have since learned my lesson and wouldn’t attempt the mall after the 22nd!

The traffic and crowds that day were a nightmare. I was in my car and trying to turn left out of the parking lot, and not one single car let me turn. 15 minutes went by. I should add that it was in New Jersey, where I also once got chased by a Hummer-driving, baseball-bat wielding housewife.  I had made the “mistake” of beeping my car horn when the light turned green and I knew she didn’t see it turn. But she did move… to jump out and come running to my car with a baseball bat!  But that’s another story for another time….

The mall on that December 23rd… or as my son calls it – “Christmas Eve Eve”, was a zoo.  Not one person let me turn left.  Then suddenly, a nice lady waved to me. “Go ahead” she mouthed to me.  “THANK YOU”, I yelled.  Completely shocked and happy that out of 500 cars, there was actually one kind person who decided to let me out of the parking lot, I proceeded to pull out.

SCREEECH!……………  Horns beeped, Cars whizzed by, Middle fingers raised.  Okay, apparently, I shouldn’t merge into traffic on such a busy day. I was so flustered – one person let me out, then the next driver flipped me the bird. I was dumbfounded. Had they forgotten it’s the holidays? Good will to men, and all.  I think they forgot.

So I rolled down my window and yelled, REALLY LOUDLY,

“It’s Christmas, for God’s sake, BE NICE TO EACH OTHER”!

Then I laughed. I realized it had gotten to me too.  The stress, the holiday chaos. All of it. And the laughter was all I needed to be reminded there is so much more to the holidays than presents and stress.

Happy holidays to all my family and friends!  And, for God’s sake, please remember – BE NICE TO EACH OTHER!



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