Top O’ The Mornin’ To Ya!


I’m an American mutt, and while I’m only ¼ Irish, I am proud of that ¼!  So to all of my fellow Irish friends, I say a big ” top o’ the mornin’ to ya”!

St Patrick’s Day is a public holiday in most of Ireland.  It originated in the 17th century as a national feast day in Ireland, to celebrate Christianity.  And even though it is not a legal holiday in the United States, St. Paddy’s Day is nonetheless widely recognized and observed throughout the U.S. as a celebration of Irish and Irish American culture.  It has actually been celebrated in the U.S. since the late eighteenth century.

Celebrations include parades, wearing lots of green, eating and drinking (a lot of green stuff, as well as Irish favorites like corned beef and cabbage), and religious observances honoring Saint Patrick.

We celebrated our little bit o’ Irish this morning with a delicious green breakfast (a pistachio muffin, green apples and green grapes!)…


On the menu for the rest of today – green bagels and cucumber slices for lunch.  And since I’m not a corned beef fan, some green shamrock pasta and green beans for dinner (I really wish I could find some green wine too!).

However you celebrate, I wish you the luck of the Irish today.  And I pass along my favorite Irish blessing…



Keep Calm and Shamrock On!

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