Why Persistence Isn’t Always a Good Thing

I was woken up this morning at 5:47 am by my 5 year old, repeatedly tapping me and reciting the time from the digital clock…

“Mommy, it’s 5 4 7….  now it’s 5 4 8… now it’s 5 4 9… now it’s 5 5 0…”

I put a pillow over my head and successfully ignored him for a half an hour.

But by 6:25, I couldn’t take it anymore.  I yelled.  Yes, yelled.  It’s always a bad feeling as a mom.  And you know what he said to me???   “But mommy, my teacher told me to always be ‘persistent’.  To try hard all the time.  So I’m not giving up, I’m getting you out of bed”.

And for one brief moment, I was proud of him.  But that feeling of pride was fleeting.  Then I was mad at his teacher!  And then I got up.  And this is the “moment” that started my day.

This was the face that was learning persistence…

And he recruited the dog to help wake me up.

Both were hard to resist!


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