Selling a House Is No Easy Task For a Parent

Parents have many obstacles to overcome while traveling the crazy road of parenthood. One of my obstacles was when we put our house up for sale.

My obstacle was… my family.

Attempting to move from New Jersey to Connecticut, our first step was to put our NJ house up for sale.  At the time, I had 2 small kids… one was a baby, and the other was a toddler.

I should add that I also had a messy husband, a dog, and a cat.  And a realtor who came over and told me, “It would be great” if I could keep all the doggie nose prints off my window and the toys hidden. Oh and “Don’t be home when someone wants to look at the house”.

That may sound easy, but if you are a parent, you know it’s not.

I did my best to keep the house as neat as I could.

More importantly, I prayed that we would sell the house QUICKLY.

Soon after we listed the house, I received a phone call from my realtor, saying that a prospective buyer wanted to come look at our house… right now. “Is that okay?”, she asked.

Wanting to do everything I could to get our house sold, I answered, “Of course”.

But that was a lie!  It was so NOT okay. Both kids were napping, I was folding 3 baskets of laundry in my pajamas, the breakfast dishes were still out, and there were definitely a lot of doggie nose prints on my windows.

So I immediately went into frantic mom mode. All you moms and dads know that mode well!

I ran around the house hiding all evidence we lived there (as was recommended by our realtor as well).  Thinking back, I’m guessing she didn’t have kids because she clearly didn’t understand what it was like living with them!

kid-sleeping-on-couchI then raced to my toddler’s bedroom where she was sound asleep. I woke her up gently, explaining we had to go out. I brought her downstairs to our living room and plopped her on the couch. She was still half asleep.

I finished straightening up the house, then grabbed my dog and put her in the car. I also quietly picked up the baby, who was still asleep and put him in his car seat.

I checked my watch. The people would be here any minute…

So I lifted up my sleepy daughter from the couch to bring her out to the car, and…


There was a huge wet spot was on the couch.

In the chaos of waking her and putting her in a new spot… she had fallen back asleep and accidentally peed ON THE COUCH.

I can’t remember, but I may have begun to cry at that moment. Or maybe I just laughed loud in a hysterical sort of way.

But then I pulled myself together. I needed to do something.

First of all, it reeked like pee. So I changed my toddler, wiped the spot as best as I could, sprayed air freshener on the couch. Then I put a throw blanket on top of it. I hoped no one coming over would actually SIT on the couch!

Then we left.

Having nowhere to actually go, I drove aimlessly around the neighborhood with both kids who were groggy and crabby because I had woken them up. I drove for the whole very slow, long, hour. Not fun.

After an hour of driving in circles, I went back home. And as I pulled the car in the driveway, my cell phone rang.

It was my realtor… telling me that the prospective buyers had canceled!  No one had come to our house. She said, “I’m sorry, they may come tomorrow”.

So… I had scrambled around… for no reason!

The giant pee stain settled for an hour on my couch…. for no reason!

My kids were miserable… for no reason!

I was miserable… for no reason!

It was a tough lesson learned. But I learned it. From that moment on, I decided my house would remain as “lived-in” as it really was! No more added chaos needed! Babies, dogs, messy husbands and all. Take it or leave it. If you want to come look at my house, you’ll see it as it is.

And guess what? Our house sold in two short weeks. So I guess those doggie nose prints and couches full of pee-pee  and kids’ toys, were actually all okay!

Do you have house buying or selling story to share?




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How Moms Really Feel When Summer Is Over

Summer is over. Maybe not officially over, but at our house, it feels like summer has come to an end since school started this week.

I have mixed feelings about the summer coming to an end.

The good mom inside me feels sad that the endless, sunny days with my kids have come to an end until next summer. We had several fun adventures throughout the summer. We vacationed at a lake, an amusement park and family farm, and also took many day trips. We had beach fun, swimming at our town pool, visiting aquariums, museums, and playgrounds. Each adventure, big or small, included wonderful moments full of memories for years to come. I truly wish I could freeze those moments in time. I am aware of how quickly the time while my kids are young, is slipping away, and I am trying hard to hang onto these days.

On the other hand, I feel… dare I say? A sense of relief. Yes, there, I said it. Relief. A giant sigh may have escaped my lips when the kids drove away on the bus on their first day of school. I may have even said “PHEW, we made it” out-loud.

I am sure I am not the only mom feeling this way when summer ends. Because in-between each memorable, special moment, are another hundred moments of all the other crap! The endless bickering between the kids, the sassy-talking, the disagreements over what we were doing that day, the late nights with the kids awake, oh… and the numerous comments I really didn’t need to hear (while I was trying my best to have a fun summer)…

~ “I’m so BORED”

~ “No, I am NOT going to the pool today” (I know, it’s a tough life when the pool is a bad option of things to do!)

~ “This amusement park is the worst place ever… EVER… EVER!” (said after tickets costing $69 each had just been purchased).

~ “You’re a poopy-head”, “No you’re a poopy-head”, “No, I’m not, you are definitely a poopy-head”. (And me yelling a sentence I never thought I’d say, “THE NEXT PERSON TO SAY POOPY-HEAD GETS PUNISHED!”)


Add all of that to a mom who works-from-home, and is trying to juggle her work while her kids are home all summer, plus the mom has a painful foot injury… It equals an end of summer “YIPPEE”.

This perpetually exhausted, sibling-squabbling referee isn’t apologizing for feeling that way either. I love my kids dearly, but too much togetherness is never a good thing. And that goes for every relationship. Time apart is invaluable. Each summer, I am reminded of that again!

So on the first day of school this year, I admit I was a little teary-eyed watching the bus pull away, feeling sad our endless days have come to an end for the year. I was thinking about all the fun we had and wishing it wasn’t over.

But… I will also admit that I might have done a very small, tiny, yet very fun… HAPPY DANCE!


Any moms or dads out there feel like I do? I’d love to hear your end of the summer stories. Do you say “PHEW”, or are you sad it’s over?





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The Many Definitions of “Mother”

What is the definition of a “Mother”?

Is it a woman who gives birth to a child?

A female parent?

A woman who nurtures, encourages and loves unconditionally?

A woman who adopts a child and raises that child as her own?

A woman who marries into a family with children and raises them with love and guidance?

Yes, those are all definitions of “Mother”, “Mom”, “Mommy”, and “Mama”.

But the word “Mother” has several other meanings.

For instance, here are a couple of my favorite definitions:








That one is a favorite of mine.

Once you are a mom, you get the honor of experiencing the never-ending public embarrassment that comes along with that title.

Pretty much on a daily basis I find myself hiding my face, slinking out of a store, sweating profusely in humiliation, or apologizing to everyone in sight. The list goes on and on.

Before children can talk, moms’ embarrassment is usually not the kids’ fault. It’s usually due to something like projectile pooping in public or screaming during an entire church service. Something the kids can’t avoid doing.

But once they can talk, the fun, I mean humiliation, increases tenfold.


* I’ve had the color of my underwear announced in public.

* One of my kids once pointed to a woman at the library and said, “Oooh, look. She has a baby in her belly”… uh nope, she didn’t.

* One child announced at the grocery store that my boobs are “so fluffy”.

* At a restaurant, my other child asked me loudly whether the waitress was a boy or a girl (I should add it was while the waitress (not waiter), was standing right in front of us taking our order and turning very red).

* Another time, one kid saw a priest in town and asked him why he was wearing his bathrobe outside.

* My favorite… at a clothing store, one of my kids pointed to the lady next to me and said, “Mommy, look how giant her butt is!”.

O-M-G. – I literally ran out of the store that day. AFTER I mouthed “I’m SOOOOO sorry” to the lady with the giant butt (in my child’s defense, it actually was very large).


Never in my life, before I had children, had I been subjected to such feelings of embarrassment on a daily basis. I became scared to go out in public with my kids, for fear of what they would say.

The only thing you can do as a mom is to give it a little time.

I promise it gets easier. Once the kids are old enough to reason with, they do understand the concept of saying things quietly. They also understand about saying only nice things out-loud.

But oh man. There are a few crazy years when whatever they are thinking, just comes pouring out of their mouths. They are full of honesty. They say what they think, whenever they think it. With no filter.

And that is a very tough time for moms.


Next time you are somewhere and a kid points at you and says, “Hey, that lady’s hair looks like a bird’s nest!”, or “Mommy, is there a baby in her belly?”, please have sympathy for that kid’s mom! She is dying of embarrassment. Crumbling inside. Have some pity and tell her it’s okay.

She will really appreciate it.

I speak from experience.


All joking aside, the most accurate definition of “Mother” is this one:



It’s not always an easy title to live up to, but the rewards that come along with the humiliations, are well worth it!

♥ Cindie


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Lazy Days of Summer

Are “the lazy days of summer” becoming extinct?

What happened to a summer spent relaxing? Floating in a pool, laying on a hammock, spinning on a tire swing, catching fireflies? How about spending the day reading a great book or building sand castles?

StPetersburg_Florida_KidsOnBeach_VisitStPetersburgClearwaterWhy do those types of summer days seem to be a thing of the past?

It’s because life is GO GO GO nowadays. Kids’ lives are over-scheduled all year. So parents are pressured to fill their kids’ summers with activities too.

Camp fairs take place in MARCH in my town. Yes, March! It’s when all the local camps exhibit their unique summer programs and try to convince parents to sign the kiddos up for camp. Everything from baseball camp to tennis camp, soccer camp, art camp, cooking camp, golf camp, horseback riding camp…  the list goes on and on.

By May, Pinterest is filled with boards dedicated to “Summer Bucket Lists”, and “Summer Fun Activities” and “Summer Camps”… a zillion ideas for how parents can entertain their kids all summer.

But my question is, who decided that parents should entertain their kids? Shouldn’t kids learn to entertain themselves? And why can’t we (parents and kids) spend the summer relaxing, like the good ol days?



I blame the over-scheduling craze. I also blame electronic devices for lazy summers going out of style.

I’ll explain why.

As a parent, how many times a day do you hear, “This is BORING”, “I am SO bored”, or “I have nothing to do”?th

An easy response for parents? Electronic devices. Nowadays when kids are looking for something to do, they are oh so happy to turn to their IPads, video games, computers or TV’s.

We all know how well electronics keep kids entertained. And for how long. For hours and hours if you let them.

However, from the moment your baby is born, parents are told to limit screen time and set rules on electronics. Turn off that TV. Stop playing those video games. Send the kids outside to get fresh air.

So most parents try to do the right thing and limit screen time. But then they feel the need to fill up the kids’ free time with activities, trips, camps, excursions.

Other parents stick with the electronics to keep their kids busy.

So whether it’s activities or electronics, both are taking away from the good old-fashioned summer activity of kids just “playing”. Digging in the dirt. Swinging on a tire swing. Playing make-believe games. Using their imagination. Just being kids.



We can bring back the lazy days of summer.

First, turn off the devices. Yes, all of them.

Second, stop the over-scheduling. Just say no.

Then if your kids say they are bored, how about they can choose to do some good old-fashioned chores? Like dusting? Or vacuuming? Or helping with laundry?

(Side note: I am an advocate of kids having regular chores to do… so these would be extra ones).

I am sure they will suddenly decide they aren’t bored anymore! (Or maybe if they choose to do extra chores, they will be so tired from helping out around the house, they will then be thrilled to simply swing on a hammock. That would be a win-win!)

So my advice is if your kids say they are bored, then let them choose how to change that… extra chores, or just play like a kid?

I guarantee the lazy days of summer will come screaming back into popularity.

Because I know I would choose to play outside in the sunshine, over chores… EVERY . SINGLE . TIME!





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Playdate Dilemma: What Happens When Moms Have Different Parenting Styles?

Most moms share a few very important traits:

Unconditional love for their children.

An innate need to protect their children.

The desire to have their children succeed.

The ability to lose every last shred of patience when their children push their buttons.

Falling even more in love with their children when they are sleeping soundly (this usually happens after whatever caused that loss of patience).

Heart-melting, full body feelings of joy, when your child does something to make you proud.

Most moms I know share all of these traits.

As for other “mom attributes”, well, they can vary greatly from one mom to another.

There are the carefree moms. The affectionate moms. Sarcastic moms. Laid back moms. Nit-picking moms. Helicopter moms.

Ding, ding, ding! Helicopter moms. Oh, yes. I relate to that. I’m guilty! I admit, I hover. I like to always have my eyes on my kids. My job is to keep them safe. There are a few reasons I turned into a helicopter mom. First, I am a rule-follower. I’m also a lady who likes to be in control. And lastly, I tend to over-worry. It’s the perfect combination to create a helicopter mom.

But I respect the vast differences in moms’ parenting styles. I don’t want any other moms to judge my style, so I try hard not to judge theirs’. As long as they love their kids, I know they are doing the best they can. So I refrain from judging other moms.

BUT. And it’s an important BUT. Refraining from judgment becomes hard when the time comes for solo playdates. Drop-off playdates at a friend’s house. Alone. Without me.

The reason it’s tough? Well, then the other mom’s parenting style is kind of important. Because for a couple of hours, they are responsible for YOUR child too. And if they have a completely different parenting style, then what happens?

A situation recently occurred when my child went over a friend’s house for a playdate. I found out later that the mom p17uj52pef1j3vvhe3cb1utmbsl5-detailslet my child and her child play outside on their street, alone. No adults or even older siblings were outside with them or watching them.

I know some parents will say, “what’s the big deal?”  Well, those are the laid-back moms.

My fellow helicopter moms will agree with me.

In this day and age, I don’t think it’s safe to let young kids play outside alone. Also, if I had someone else’s kid at my house, I’d be extra careful watching them. I would never send them outside alone.

Now, don’t get me wrong. This particular mom is lovely. Very sweet and loves her children. I know she isn’t neglectful, or uncaring. Just laid-back. Which is not my style.

So this becomes a dilemma. My kid and her kid are friends. But we have completely opposite parenting styles. So what do we do?

Should parenting styles and expectations be discussed before playdates?

For instance, do I need to say, “Please watch my child during the entire playdate”.

And “Please keep my kid away from sharp knives and dangerous power tools”.

Should I ask if they have guns in the house?

Oh geez, should I also ask where they store their liquor?

The list could go on and on.

Or should I just continue to teach my children what I expect from them? And hope (and pray) that it sinks in and they remember it all when they venture out into the real world (or for a playdate) without me?

It’s a dilemma. Yet another parenting dilemma.

My answer to this particular dilemma is to yes, teach your kids everything you believe. But also, always follow your gut. If someplace doesn’t feel safe, don’t leave your kid there! If your gut tells you to discuss your parenting style with another mom…. discuss it! If you’ve seen something that has made you feel uneasy, plan future playdates at YOUR house instead of theirs.

The bottom line? When it comes to your children, always listen to your instincts.


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Life Explained Simply By Dr. Seuss

On a recent quick trip to Target, my kids and I made a discovery.

Wait, I should clarify because Target is never a quick trip…

Let me start again.

On an afternoon spent refereeing my two fighting kids at Target, just so I could buy toilet paper and tampons… My kids and I discovered that everything needed for a happy life is explained very simply by the fabulous Dr. Seuss.

We found these signs at Target…



Yep. Do what makes you happy. Follow your heart. And always use your noggin.



I try hard to teach my kids this every day. You are a unique and special person. There is no one else in the world that is just like you, so embrace and love that uniqueness. Make the most of it.



Reading, anything and everything, grows your brain in a way that nothing else can. And who doesn’t want a bigger brain? Just imagine how far a big brain can take you in this world.


Thanks for the lessons. Dr. Seuss. We love you.

And thank you Target for stopping my kids’ arguments for long enough for me to explain some important life lessons to them.





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Why Google Search is Every First-Time Mom’s Enemy

I had a tough time getting pregnant. Fertility treatments were rough for a couple of years before our first miracle happened.

Because of the difficulty of conceiving, once that miracle began growing in my belly, I was nervous about my pregnancy going well. So I turned to the internet for reassurance and I became a google search fanatic. From the day the pregnancy test said “positive”, I was scared. But I found Google search, and I relaxed. Okay, I relaxed briefly.

Every tingle, cramp, itch, pain, odd feeling… sent me running to Google for reassurance.  I typed in, “3 months pregnant and I feel a twinge”, “4 months pregnant and my belly is making weird noises”. “7 months pregnant and I gained too much weight”, “10 months pregnant, where is the baby?”

You get the idea. Anything and everything that scared me, I googled searched constantly to make sure it was normal.

But I quickly learned the danger of this. BIG DANGER. Google search is the DEVIL.


For every single happy “twinge” story I discovered on Google, I discovered at least ten frightening, terrifying, “twinge” stories.

For every, “my pregnant belly is making weird noises” search, I discovered a world of the scariest sounds and stories about why pregnant bellies could be gurgling and popping!

For every, “what happens if the baby isn’t healthy” search… well, the stories were awful. It’s scary to discover that happens.

My pregnant Google searches often ended with me and my mouth wide open in fear.

I discovered quickly that Google search is NOT a pregnant woman’s friend. It is something you need to steer clear of. You need to have faith that everything will be okay. Repeat that now… Everything will be okay. I repeated that every day for 9 long months. And it came true. Two times.

If there is truly a concern though, call your OB/GYN. If it is anything else, call a friend who has had a baby. Trust me, they will give you great advice. Strange things happen to your body when you are pregnant. Really strange things. And anyone that has given birth can reassure you that most of it is NORMAL. Weird, but normal.

So to my pregnant friends: my advice is to abandon Google search and instead, call a friend.

Now, repeat after me, “Google search is the Devil”. “I promise, I will not google”. “I will call a friend”.


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10 Ways To Feel Like A Kid Again This Summer

Summertime is the perfect time to unleash your inner child. That one who has been trapped indoors all winter. Working too hard. Stressed. Busy. Overwhelmed with responsibility.

It’s easy to do. Be transported back to the carefree days of youth and your stress will melt away. You’ll remember how it feels to smile more often.

Warm weather, beach days, late nights, the musical tune of the ice cream truck circling the neighborhood…Summer activities trigger memories of childhood. You will be reminded of the simpler days when life was about just having fun. Watch your children’s eyes brighten with excitement during the summer, and you’ll see what I mean.

So grab your flip-flops and sunscreen and get outside and enjoy the summer. Don’t wait until Labor Day to realize you missed it.

I guarantee you can feel like a kid again.

Here are 10 easy ways…


1. Ride a bike with a basket attached. Kick those feet up. Bonus points if you have a bell too.




2. Eat a bomb pop. Better yet, get it from an ice cream truck and then eat it. Instantly you’ll be transported to your childhood!


3. Do a cannonball into a pool. Be sure to yell, “CANNONBALL”, as you jump.



4. Host a neighborhood lemonade stand. For both the kids and the grownups. Spike a pitcher of lemonade with Seagram’s 7 and 7 for the adults only and you’ll definitely earn more cash (and make some new friends!).

Photo courtesy www.sheknows.com

Photo courtesy www.sheknows.com


5. Ride a rollercoaster. For a better ride, put those hands in the air and scream.




6.  Light a sparkler. Say “OOOH” and “AHHH”.


7. Do cartwheels on the beach.



8. Hop on a tire swing.


9. Get some cotton-candy and take a giant bite. Let the sugar melt on your tongue. YUM.




10. Soak up the sun with a buddy. A beach day is even better when it’s shared with a friend.



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Happy Independence Day: Fun 4th of July Facts

Happy birthday, America!

On July 4, 1776, America claimed its independence from Britain and Democracy was born. Every year thousands of people head to the U.S. to begin living their American Dream. The United States of America is the “land of the free and the home of the brave”. It all began that summer day, 239 years ago, with the drafting of the Declaration of Independence.

There are many fun facts surrounding the history of Independence Day. Did you know?:

* 3 out of the first 5 U.S. presidents died on July 4th.

* Even though it was celebrated yearly, 4th of July didn’t become an official federal holiday until 1938.

* The longest running 4th of July event, a parade, started in 1785 and continues to this day in Bristol, Rhode Island.

* Started over 60 years ago, there is a joint celebration between Canada and the United States, which ends with a large fireworks display over the Detroit River.

More fun facts about July 4th and America’s early history…



Photo courtesy Lexington Herald-Leader


You can also test your knowledge of 4th of July facts by taking this quiz. Don’t tell my history teachers, but I failed it miserably! I knew the Will Smith answer though!11707515_10207149794211105_5330665045646528450_n

Whatever you do to celebrate the 4th of July today… BBQ’ing, family picnics, sparklers, popsicles, watermelon, fireworks… Remember to also celebrate our founding fathers, each of whom made it possible for us to live in a free country. Also, a great big thank you to those who keep our country free… our police and military. We are the home of the free, BECAUSE of the brave.

Let freedom ring.

Happy Independence Day USA!









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7 Surprising Discoveries I Made About Motherhood

There is no way to fully prepare for motherhood.

I was told that I would always be tired. That’s an understatement. The lack of sleep is brutal.

I was told that my heart would swell with love. That is also an understatement. As soon as I gave birth, the love overflowed from every pore of my body. As did every other emotion that comes with motherhood…  awe, responsibility, worry, loyalty, pride. Every emotion was intense.

I was also told that my life would change. An understatement as well. Little did I know how drastically it would change. I sometimes refer to periods of my life as “pre-babies” and “post-babies”.

I had anticipated some of the changes, others were completely surprising discoveries….


1. I discovered I don’t mind the smell of someone else’s poop.

Let me clarify… “Someone else” means my kids’ poop, not strangers’ poop!

Before I had kids, I changed plenty of diapers. Between babysitting and niece and nephews’ diapers, I had a good amount of experience. I admit I gagged my way through every single one of those diaper changes.

Miraculously though, my own kids’ poop doesn’t smell awful to me. I honestly don’t mind it. I know I’m not alone. Something happens to a mom’s sense of smell when it comes to her own babies. I think it may be the true definition of “unconditional love”… to not mind the poop smell!


2. I discovered I could actually forget to brush my teeth.

In my pre-baby days, I loved the snooze button on my alarm clock. I was one of those people who hit the snooze at least  5-10 times before I actually rolled out of bed. When I became a mom, I realized the luxury of a snooze button was gone, for good. Instead, I was woken up most mornings by a crying, sometimes screaming baby. It’s kind of like having a bucket of ice-cold water dumped on my head.

So the routine I used to follow when I’d first wake up, like brushing my teeth, or washing my face, were ignored so I could tend to my baby. Then I’d be off and running for the day.

I am embarrassed to admit there were many, many days when lunchtime came, okay, maybe even dinner time, and I realized I had never made it back to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Or my hair for that matter!


3. I discovered a trip to the mall could be the highlight of my social calendar.


When my kids were babies, I went days without leaving the house. Sometimes a trip to the mall, was the most exciting place I went all week.

I was living in a bubble during those early days. I had a baby glued to me 24 hours a day. I smelled like sour milk and baby spit-up. I often forgot to brush my teeth and comb my hair. I was sleeping about 4 hours a night. I guess it makes sense I didn’t have any other social outings — no one wanted to be near me! So the mall was a big excursion. Freedom. I was out of the house. Other moms were there, like me, aimlessly pushing strollers. Sad as it sounds, it was actually a fun outing for me.


4. I discovered I needed to hide my own stash of candy.

I have a sweet tooth. But I also try to eat well. So it’s been important for me to teach my kids about nutrition and healthy eating. I am happy they love fruits & veggies and eat really well. But the minute they discovered sweets, they were as hooked as me. So I try to limit their candy consumption to special occasions. If they see a bag of candy in the house, I get “please, please, please, just one Swedish fish, PLEEEEASSSE!”

So if I have candy, I have to hide it! Then I sneak one Swedish fish at a time so they don’t see me. Crazy, but yes I do it!


5. I discovered moms have a uniform – yoga pants and a hoodie.hey-girl-i-love-it-when-you-wear-your-yoga-pants-all-day

One of the first things I discovered after becoming a mom was how important comfort is, and yoga pants are ridiculously comfortable.

Long length ones in the winter, and capris in spring and fall. Never featured on the pages of Vogue Magazine, yoga pants may not be stylish but they are great and definitely better than pajamas (which I would probably wear every day if yoga pants had never been invented).

Having loved fashion and trends, I didn’t see that one coming! But now that I am a mom, comfort wins over style.



6. I discovered I would want to punch any kid who is mean to my kid.

I thought I liked all kids. I discovered though that I don’t like the ones who do anything to hurt my child’s feelings. The first time I heard a little boy say something mean to my daughter, I wanted to punch him. It’s the mama-lion-protecting-her-cubs instinct.

Of course, I never would punch a child, but the thought has definitely crossed my mind!


7. I discovered that my heart would melt every time one of my kids made me a handwritten love note.

When your own child presents you with a love note. Painstakingly written with love, just for you… oh, it’s amazing. Melt your heart, tears-in-your-eyes kind of amazing.








I’m sure these are only the beginning of many amazing (and maybe some scary) discoveries I will make as I navigate the path of motherhood.

But because motherhood has made me a much better person than I was pre-babies, I say bring on more new discoveries!


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