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Questions To Ask Before A Playdate: Do You Own A Gun?

When arranging my kids’ playdates, I never ask the question – “Do you have a gun in your house?” But I’m beginning to think I should start asking that question. Though I imagine it to be an awkward conversation, it is without a doubt, an important one. One reason I think I need to begin asking is because my 6-year old came home from school last week and announced that a friend in his class told him that his dad… { read more }

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Tips For Regulating School-Age Children’s Use Of Digital Devices (Infographic)

If your children are like mine, then they probably use electronic devices more often than you’d prefer.  My kids have Kindles, iPads, iPods, iPhones, AND laptops. I try to limit screen time, as well as try to encourage the use of educational apps, rather than letting them watch TV shows or movies on their devices. It’s not an easy thing to monitor. The digital world in which kids are growing up now, presents many new challenges for a mom who didn’t… { read more }

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