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Life Explained Simply By Dr. Seuss

On a recent quick trip to Target, my kids and I made a discovery.

Wait, I should clarify because Target is never a quick trip…

Let me start again.

On an afternoon spent refereeing my two fighting kids at Target, just so I could buy toilet paper and tampons… My kids and I discovered that everything needed for a happy life is explained very simply by the fabulous Dr. Seuss.

We found these signs at Target…



Yep. Do what makes you happy. Follow your heart. And always use your noggin.



I try hard to teach my kids this every day. You are a unique and special person. There is no one else in the world that is just like you, so embrace and love that uniqueness. Make the most of it.



Reading, anything and everything, grows your brain in a way that nothing else can. And who doesn’t want a bigger brain? Just imagine how far a big brain can take you in this world.


Thanks for the lessons. Dr. Seuss. We love you.

And thank you Target for stopping my kids’ arguments for long enough for me to explain some important life lessons to them.





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