Celebrate National Puppy Day

Today is National Puppy Day.  Lately it seems like there is a national day for everything.  Too many.  But I really like this one.  Puppies deserve a day of their own.  Puppies are awesome.  And there are thousands in the U.S. alone, that need homes.  So taking a day to celebrate them, and to encourage adoption, is a perfect “National Day” in my book.

Life is TRULY better with a dog.  (Or in my house, three!)



A great way to celebrate today’s National Puppy Day is by visiting your local animal shelter, or rescue group.  I volunteer at an amazing shelter.  Sometimes, okay, often… it’s the highlight of my week.  I take care of cats and dogs there.  But the puppies are extra special.  I help to “socialize” new puppies.  Socialize ~ meaning snuggle and play with them, and help them get used to people.  Seriously, I’d pay money to be able to do this more often!  I call it “puppy therapy”…  Getting tackled by an entire litter of puppies, greeting me with their “puppy breath”.  (Anyone who has had a puppy, knows what I mean about puppy breath).   There is nothing better.

The puppies are always bursting with energy and so full of love.  But then I often end up with them snoring, passed out on my lap.  My “puppy therapy” lifts my mood like nothing else.  I’ve come to realize that even though we humans take care of our furry friends… I believe they actually take care of us.

There is nothing quite like puppy love.  So get out there and celebrate some puppies today.




And don’t forget to visit www.petfinder.com, to find a local shelter in your area.


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