National No Housework Day: It Sounds Good In Theory, But Is It?

Put down those dirty dishes!  Hang up your brooms!  Today, April 7th, is National No Housework Day.

When I first heard this, I did a little happy dance around my kitchen.

No Housework? For a whole day? No cleaning, cooking, laundry, dishes, vacuuming, dusting, nothing?images-10

Just a day to put my feet up and relax? Awesome!

There isn’t a single day in the entire year that I don’t clean something.

Even on my birthday, I do housework (I actually received a vacuum as a gift from my husband one year – don’t ask how that turned out!).

Mother’s Day?  YEP.  I cook, clean, do whatever is needed.  So the thought of ONE DAY OFF sounds amazing.


But then I thought about it more…

What happens AFTER #National No Housework Day?  I guess tomorrow will be #National Freak Out Because My House Is So Messy Day? Or #National Why Are The Kids Covered in Dog Fur Day?  Or #National How The Heck Did We Use That Many Dishes Day?

Is it really a good idea to just ignore the mess?  What will happen tomorrow is that I will have DOUBLE the housework. Unfortunately it just needs to get done. And if momma isn’t doing it, who will?  Uh, I know that answer… me TOMORROW!

So I have decided  it’s not worth it to celebrate today. I will continue on with my housework today.

But I did have a great idea. Since it’s also #National Beer Day today, I’ve decided that I will choose to celebrate that one instead!  I think that’s a much better idea.



~Cindie xo




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  • Reply Loreann April 7, 2015 at 4:32 pm

    I had the same exact thought process as you…nah, I’d rather have floors that don’t have spaghetti caked onto them and a sink that I could at least see the bottom of. But bring on the beer, lots of beer. 🙂


    • Reply April 7, 2015 at 9:23 pm

      Exactly! And the beer helps make the cleaning easier!

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